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portrait of Tournant
March 24, 2022

A Talk With Tournant

Food, Fire, Nature, and Togetherness—Those are the values of our friends Jaret & Mona Foster, the incredible husband and wife...

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portrait of Teresa
March 17, 2022

A History in Indigo

For the last several months we’ve been cooking up something truly special with our friend and one of the most...

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shot of luke in the city
September 16, 2021

Looking Toward The Classics With Luke Atwood Abiol

We recently met up with San Francisco native Luke Abiol to stroll through the city and get his take on the creativity thriving at every turn. A genuine and sincere photographer, Luke has a presence that is both commanding and relaxing—confident in his practice but always pushing to learn more in an effort to expand his narrative.

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shot of our hat being made
September 16, 2021

Tradition Retold

When we teamed up with the legendary team at Stetson to develop a collaborative collection of timeless, road-ready shirting, trousers, and hats, they were kind enough to take us on a behind-the-scenes tour of their Garland, Texas factory. Luckily, we brought our cameras along to capture some of the magic.

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Our guy chilling, sitting with his back to a wall, hands on knees, wearing selvage jeans and chukkas.
August 22, 2021

What The Fit?

After years of testing, sampling, and refining, we’ve developed two signature trouser fits—Slim and Democratic—to help customers of all shapes and sizes dress their best. Not sure which one is right for you? No worries, we've got you covered with an in-depth breakdown to help you pick your next favorite pair of pants.

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Cafe racer jacket.
August 05, 2021

Like Father Like Son

The story of our Leather Moto spans two generations and thousands of miles. Inspired by a classic café-racer, the original belongs to our Product Designer, Nick, by way of his father, Albert, who bought the jacket back in 1973.

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the Nelson sunglasses atop our Nomad Hoodie with a bottle of iced coffee
June 02, 2021

Care About The Craft

Is there any accessory more iconic than a pair of sunglasses? The basic concept—putting a protective layer between one’s eyes...

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shot of surfboard being made
March 31, 2021

Going Against The Grain

Our passions are manifold, but we’ll always have a special place in our hearts for surfing. Few things compare to...

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TS and Otter Wax logo overlaying a jacket.
February 01, 2021

How To: Otter Waxing Poetic

We put together a quick how to video for you guys to wax your own jacket and fully waterproof it. It also helps quicken the breaking in process a bit by really impregnating the wax in it. So head down to our shop on Valencia, pick up some Otter Wax, follow this quick video then go on an adventure

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shane rocking the mechanic and a packable lane splitter
January 07, 2021

A Meditative Medium—In Conversation With Shane Miller

We recently caught up with our buddy, Nashville-based painter Shane Miller, whose work we’ve highlighted before. Beyond his work, Shane is an all-around awesome dude, so we’re always excited to chat with him about what inspires him, his favorite gear, and his life in Nashville.

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Monica wearing the Packable Lane Splitter in a field
December 21, 2020

Facing The Music With Monica Valli

People often call Taylor Stitch a menswear brand, but as far as we’re concerned, our gear is for everybody. If you’re not convinced, allow us to introduce you to Monica Valli, a professional guitar player with a penchant for blistering blues licks and a discerning eye for style.

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brent rocking the ojai and a packable lane splitter
December 17, 2020

Welcome to Whaley's World

Taking a photo is one thing—making one is a whole different story. To put it plainly, outdoor photographer and timeless style expert, Brent Whaley does just that. Whaley’s work takes us back to a time where the outdoors were simply a way of life—not something that you skirted off to for a weekend trip.

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lee hanging next to his car, two images
December 09, 2020

Ribs Fit for The Range

We love Lee’s food, not only because it tastes amazing (and as you’ll soon find out, it tastes amazing), but because he’s so steadfast in his belief in the importance of exceptional, sustainable ingredients. Just like we’re committed to building gear Responsibly, Lee is committed to taking a holistic view of the culinary process, whether he’s in some far-flung kitchen, hosting an open-air roast, or touring a local farm.

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Kate & Josh near posing next to chopped lumber
November 05, 2020

Starting From The Soil

We talk to Kate Kavanaugh about her whirlwind journey from nutritionist to chef to ethical butcher, and finally, to regenerative rancher.

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closeup of the material
August 16, 2019

Why Yak?

We know, we know: it’s not cashmere, but hear us out. A big part of making amazing products is learning...

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A highly customized vintage motorbike with a surfboard mounted in a carrier on the far side.
March 28, 2019

The 1 Moto Show

The 1 Moto journey all began with a late night text that came from TS Director of Brand Marketing, Brian....

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Our woman wearing that pants outside a brutalist building.
March 10, 2015

The Isla Chambray Pant is Back

[responsive-image img-name="BLOG_1_287ca9df-10e2-48d1-a165-090787b0685f.jpg" alt="Our woman wearing that pants outside a brutalist building."] A trouser that’s as easy to wear as it...

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Modeling The Samantha, standing on a sea wall, gulls flying around in the background.
August 28, 2014

Indigo Seawashed Samantha Midi-Skirt

[responsive-image img-name="BLOG_1_aba96092-72b1-4102-ad92-854106b42f34.jpg" alt="Modeling The Samantha, standing on a sea wall, gulls flying around in the background."] In a wear it...

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