Through a range of mediums, California-based artist Jimmy Thompson presents the world in a light that, at least to us, makes even familiar places seem sublime.

In short, his art turns the mundane into the magical.

Drawing inspiration from the diverse landscapes of his LA home base, Jimmy Thompson takes the people, furnishings, and decor that would otherwise blend into the periphery and draws them into the foreground, bringing life and whimsy to what may have gone overlooked. His art reminds us to stop and smell those proverbial flowers.

We’re honored to have had the opportunity to work with Jimmy on a limited run of summer-ready gear. Featuring custom-illustrated prints by Jimmy and rendered in airy, breathable fabrics, these pieces invite you to explore, observe, and find some joy in the everyday.

Jimmy Thompson posing in a chair

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Jimmy was kind enough to sit down with us for a chat about his art, influences, and ambitions. Here’s what he had to say.

What first got you into illustration? Can you pinpoint a moment in time when you first knew you wanted to be an artist?

I have always drawn from life—places, people, objects around me. For many years now, I’ve kept a sketchbook, and it slowly, through consistency, became a compulsion to document these things. It serves as a time-stamp as I can look back upon these sketchbooks and stir up memories. This habit was instilled during college time and I would say it was around then that the artist aspirations crystallized and that I was squarely on an “artist journey.”

editorial image of drawings

Your art has such an effortless sense of whimsy. Is that a reflection of your own perspective on life?

I like that observation. Now that I think about it, yes. In the sense that, speaking generally/metaphorically, there’s so much that we cannot control despite our efforts. So I think the “whimsy” you detect is a stylistic byproduct of both trying to control the image and surrendering control – in other words, letting the drawing become what it wants to.

From New York to California, much of your art seems to aim at capturing a sense of place (while staying true to your own distinct style.) Is there any one location that speaks to you the most?

 I would like to say something like Japan or Italy, but ultimately, I will go with California—my first love. I am from CA, and naturally, I feel connected to it. I love the range of regions, from beach to desert. Not to mention that the energy inherent in Los Angeles is something I value and think is embedded in my line. The energy can be both quiet or loud, depending where you find yourself. And this very contrast is evident in my works.

editorial image of The Conrad Shirt in Dark Blue Floral and The Short Sleeve Jack in Light Blue Floral

Art, movies, music… What influences, if any, have contributed to the development of your style over the years?

Having attended CalArts, known for animation, the pop-sensibilities of early Disney are influential. David Hockney is important to me. An LA transplant, I think he really captured the essence of the city, especially tonally and emotionally by the way he represented people.

editorial image of Jimmy Thompsons drawings

Your Instagram feed includes some incredible public sketchbook pictures. Would you call yourself an avid people watcher? If so, what do you think that brings to your work?

Definitely. I think details are so important–subtleties in posture, body language, choice of shoes, for example. They all inform and inspire me. While these things only provide a one-dimensional viewpoint of someone, they help me to use my imagination as I fill in the blanks in my mind.

editorial image of flowers

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For more of Jimmy’s art, check out his work on Instagram @jimandjuice, and on his website.

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