In The Workshop We design new products. You crowd-fund them at incredible prices. Everybody wins.
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The Telegraph Collection
In Short Supply Limited Edition If a product succeeds in the Workshop, we'll produce it in limited supply. This is where we make more units on top of whatever was sold in the pre-sale and release them to you in stock, ready to ship out. These products often feature dead stock fabrics or custom hardware and generally sell out fast. If you see your size in stock, act fast. The product may never return. Shop Limited
Always In Stock Essentials At the base of Taylor Stitch is a collection of products that we always keep in stock. These products are the ones we wear every damn day. You can reach for them anytime, in pretty much any situation, and know you'll look good. They are the base of your wardrobe. They are essential. Shop Essentials
In The Journal Weekly Edition: The Project Jacket in Pendleton Blackwatch Wool Operating in the Pacific Northwest continuously since 1863, Pendleton is one of the last active woolen mills in the United States. This heavy, 16-oz. wool is tightly woven to keep warmth in and wind out. It’s comfortable against the skin and easy to move around in. Read More