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Stylist Picks

We tapped some of our most fashionable friends for some styling tips to help you envision what our gear looks like out in the wild. These folks know a thing or two about building a killer look, so if you’re in need of some inspiration, check it out.

A man holding grapes standing in a vineyard
Stylist Picks

Noah Dorrance

Winemaker, Reeve Wines

It ain't what you got, it's what you make.

  • The Ojai Jacket in Indigo
  • Flatlay of front of tee
  • flatlay of henley
  • folded flatlay
  • flatlay of The Weekend Pant in Navy Boiled Wool folded
A man carrying a Christmas tree
Stylist Picks

Josh Beech

Musician, Photographer, Model

Living in Nashville, TN after 8 years of living in Los Angeles I’m a sucker for all the plaid, all the selvedge denim and all the layering. I’m originally from South East london so those have been essentials of mine as long as I can remember. I still very much class my self as a Londoner as we travel back to England multiple times a year! I definitely love to rock a good waxed or semi waterproof jacket as my go-to at this time of year. You never know when it’s gonna rain in Nash or London, so you gotta be prepared!

  • The Keyhook in Raw Brass
  • flatlay of sweater
  • flatlay of The Waffle Beanie in Coal Merino
  • flatlay of The Dispatch Jacket in Navy Jaspe
A man riding a bicycle
Stylist Picks

Yuri Hauswald

Professional Cyclist, TS Ambassador

Yuri Hauswald was a free Range kid before that was a thing. Growing up on a farm in rural Petaluma, CA, without a TV meant he spent plenty of time outdoors roaming the hills looking for adventure when he wasn’t doing his ranch chores. Post college, Yuri discovered the joys of mountain biking while teaching English at a prep school in Pennsylvania. A former two-time solo winner of the 24-Hours of Adrenaline and 9th place finisher at the 2006 24-Hour World Championships, Yuri’s crisscrossed the country seeking out his next two-wheeled trip. He turned pro at the tender age of 36, won the 2015 Unbound when he was 44, and is currently obsessed with everything gravel.

  • The Cotton Hemp Tee in Navy
  • flatlay of The Slim Jean in Black 3-Month Wash Selvage
  • The Merino Boxer in Heather Grey
  • flatlay of The Maritime Shirt in Espresso Plaid Wool from the front
  • flatlay of jacket from the front
A man sitting on a stool next to a cabinet while drinking tea
Stylist Picks

Brent Whaley

Creative Director for White’s Boots, Menswear Master

The original - and one of TS's oldest friends. Creative Director for White's Boots, The legend behind @Whaleysworld, All around adventurer.

  • flatlay of The Ledge Shirt in York Plaid
  • flatlay of The Lined Long Haul Jacket in Sand Suede from the front
  • flatlay of The Utility Shirt in Japanese Kuroki Natural Nep folded
  • flatlay of The Ryder Jacket in Yoshiwa Mills Olive from the front
  • flatlay of The Democratic Jean in Black 3-Month Wash Selvage folded
A man holding a paint brush
Stylist Picks

Shane Miller


Most days in the studio you’ll see me in a heavy bag T-shirt with an unbuttoned crater flannel. The weather in Nashville has a mind of it’s own, so I always keep a long haul jacket at hand — perfect mid-weight for layering up.

  • The Drop Point Knife in Brass
  • flatlay
  • flatlay of the shirt folded from the front
  • flatlay of The Western Shirt in Espresso Suede
A man sitting on a chair inside
Stylist Picks

Efe Efeturi

Film Maker, Fitness Virtuoso, Menswear Master

For the everyday guy, especially for the 40+ age group, It’s so easy to think that once you cross a certain threshold with age you are somehow restricted in your ability to show your style but that is far from the truth.

  • The Jack in Black Everyday Oxford
  • The Ranch Boot in Saddle Tan
  • folded flatlay
  • flatlay of The Dispatch Jacket in Black 3-Month Wash Selvage from the front
  • flatlay of The Sullivan Slipper
A man walking with a guitar while smoking a pipe
Stylist Picks

Cory Mahlke


I am definitely a layers guy. Coming from one of the coldest states in the country you have to be ready for anything when you walk out the front door. TS has me hooked with their textures, fabrics, and styles!

  • The Jack in Indigo Waffle
  • The Heavy Bag Henley in Navy
  • flatlay of pant folded
  • flatlay of jacket from front
  • flatlay
A man standing in a field wearing a denim jacket
Stylist Picks

Alex Deibold

US Olympic Medalist

Pro Snowboarder, Cyclist, Golfer, Climber, Olympic Bronze Medalist, TS Ambassador. A Vermont native but having spent time on both coasts and everywhere in between, Alex is not only a long time friend of TS but also one of the best in the world when it comes to getting down a snow covered mountain as fast as possible — and as a US Olympic Team medalist he's got the hardware to back it up. 

  • The Minimalist Wallet in Black
  • The Merino Tee in Heather Grey
  • flatlay of The Workhorse Vest in Coal Boss Duck
  • flatlay of The Flatiron Jacket from the front
  • flatlay of jacket from the front
A woman sitting in a chair outside
Stylist Picks

Amanda Arends

Marketing Director

Colder weather style is actually my favorite. I'm all about layering and if you have just a few solid pieces you can wear them interchangibly with each other to create a lot of different looks.

  • flatlay of The Après Pant in Indigo Waffle
  • flatlay
  • side flatlay
  • flatlay of The Whitney Parka in Dusty Orange from the front
  • flatlay of The Seawall Hand-knit Sweater from the front
A man wearing a leather jacket standing in front of a wall
Stylist Picks

Kirk Thurmond


Cooler weather is high times for me! Layers can speak volumes about what vibe I’m feeling (or NOT). Am I in the mood for fire pit and whiskey, or are we grabbing hand-rolled sushi and a show in Deep Ellum, Tx? Read the fit…You’ll know!

  • The Moto Boot in Weatherproof Snuff Suede
  • Flatlay of The Cotton Hemp Tee in Steel Blue
  • flatlay of The Jack in Coal Double Cloth
  • flatlay of The Lined Long Haul Jacket in Green Cast Denim from the front
  • flatlay
A man standing on a bridge
Stylist Picks

Brian Chan

Menswear icon, TS Ambassador

When I'm not in a suit and need to pull together a casual outfit to wear, 99% of the time I find myself putting on pieces from TS. Not only is the quality and range top-notch, but I have not come across clothing that fit me more perfectly off the rack. Plus, the longevity of pieces from TS doesn't hurt either as I can never see anything from TS going out of style. Here are some of my favorites that you absolutely need in your wardrobe.

  • folded flatlay of The Après Pant in Coal Double Cloth
  • flatlay of The Service Shirt in Port Melange Wool
  • flatlay of shirt folded
  • flatlay of shirt
  • flatlay of The Maritime Shirt in Navy Wool folded from the front
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