To many guys, a tee shirt is just a tee shirt. That is, of course, until the seams fail, the shirt shrinks three sizes in the wash, or it becomes scratchy and uncomfortable after only a few washes and wears.

We've all been there, tempted by the many great-looking options out there with price tags that seem too good to be true. The problem is that, usually, they are.

So, how can you steer clear of this buyer’s remorse? The answer lies in making a smart choice-investing in quality.

fit model showing off the collar on The Organic Cotton Tee in Vintage White

Designing An Icon

As we see it, crafting the perfect tee comes down to three major factors: fit, fabric, and build quality. So, when designing our very own organic cotton t-shirt, we dove deep into all three.

Let’s start with fit.


When you think of the classic tee, what comes to mind?

For us, it’s not the oversized or skin-tight fits of passing trends; it’s the examples worn by Steve McQueen, James Dean, or the US soldiers who launched the style in the first place.

Based on those references, we went to work on the initial patterns for The Organic Cotton Tee. Finally (after countless trial and error), we landed on the fit you see today: a trim yet easy-going silhouette that drapes naturally through the body while hugging the shoulders and chest ever so slightly. While the length is measured for untucked wear, we left just enough length for most guys to tuck it in if you want to go for that iconic James Dean look.

Model wearing The Organic Cotton T-Shirt in Navy


If you’re going for a truly old-school look and feel, cotton is the way to go. But not all cottons are created equal.

The conventional cotton industry is replete with harmful pesticides and chemical runoff that harms both the environment and the people living in cotton-producing areas. That’s why we source the highest quality organic cotton for our aptly named Organic Cotton Tee.

For more info on the importance of buying organic cotton, check out our Journal on why organic cotton matters.

After obtaining the ideal raw fibers, the next step of the process is looming.

The weight (or thickness & density) of a fabric is measured in ounces in the US and GSM (grams per square meter) just about everywhere else.

To hit that Goldilocks weight that’s not too heavy or too light, we loom the fabric for our Organic Cotton Tees to 5oz. It’s hard to describe without having it in your hands, but suffice it to say that when you throw one on, you’ll get it.

Spring, summer, fall, or as a base layer in winter, our Organic Cotton Tees are fit for any season and (thanks to their 100% cotton build) will only get softer with each wash and wear.

Rather than relying on synthetic fibers for stretch, The Organic Cotton Tee leans on a jersey knit construction, the structure of which offers natural stretch for a comfortable fit that will move with you through whatever the day has in store.

fit model showing off the top of The Organic Cotton Tee in Sage

Build Quality

While fabric and fit are important, they wouldn’t matter much without build quality. For us, the real beauty of any garment is in the way that it ages over time, softening and picking up character over the years, resulting in a distinctive piece with real personality. Plus, longer-lasting clothes mean less fabric in our landfills, making high-quality construction a win for you and the environment.

Our Organic Cotton Tee features thick ribbing at the neckline for an old-school look, while its bound collar construction prevents that “bacon” effect that cheaper tees develop after a few bouts with the washer.

We’ve also added a fully taped shoulder seam for extra durability. This process includes cutting a strip of sturdy cotton twill or herringbone material and using it to reinforce the seam from shoulder to shoulder, preventing the seam from splitting or stretching out down the line.

Finally, we use durable cotton yarn and close stitches at every seam to keep your shirt in your wardrobe and out of the trash for as long as possible.

All of this adds up to an elevated basic that will be developing character for years rather than just a season or two.

Styled By You

Part of what has cemented the classic tee shirt as a ubiquitous wardrobe staple is just how versatile it is. From casual comfort around the house to pinch-hitting on a night out with friends, tee shirts are welcome in almost every setting.

For a deep dive into everything tee-shirts, including how we like to style them, check out our Definitive Tee Guide.

fit model posing in The Organic Cotton Tee in Adobe

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