In the world of classic tees, many guys never find their way out of the cotton fields. Hey, we get it; cotton is the classic. That being said, cotton purists may be overlooking one of the world’s most remarkable fibers. In case the title didn’t tip you off, we’re talking about hemp.

So, what is hemp, what are its benefits and drawbacks, and why should you consider adding some hemp t-shirts to your heavy rotation? Let’s get into it.

fit model posing in The Cotton Hemp Tee in Charcoal

What Is Hemp?

Hemp is made from the rope-like bast fibers found in the outer layer of the stalks of Cannabis Sativa plants. While the name of that particular plant may ring a bell, the specific strains used in textile manufacturing bear little resemblance to strains bred for “other” purposes.

The most popular myth about hemp is that it is made from male Cannabis Sativa plants, while female plants are used for their sticky buds. In reality, the Cannabis plants (both male and female) used to make hemp fabric have been selectively bred for generations to have bigger, stronger stalks and produce very little THC. Actually, most of the plants used to make hemp are female.

Okay, now that the “can I smoke my t-shirt?” question is answered, let’s move on to what makes hemp such a fantastic fiber for clothing.

The Benefits of Hemp


First off, hemp is strong. And we mean really strong.

Boasting about three times the tensile strength of cotton, hemp fibers have been prized for their pound-for-pound grit for centuries. In fact, one of the most popular uses for hemp through the years was to make the rigging ropes for ships, so rest assured, your hemp t-shirt will stand up to whatever adventures you get into, on land or sea.

fit model showing off the side of The Cotton Hemp Tee in Navy

Environmental Responsibility

In addition to its renowned durability, hemp is one of the most environmentally friendly commercial crops on the planet. Not only do Cannabis Sativa plants require minimal water and no pesticides for cultivation, they actively replenish the soil that they grow in. As if that wasn’t enough, they are one of the few carbon-negative crops out there, absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere rather than contributing to it.

Additional Benefits

So, now that we’ve established that any classic tee crafted from hemp will both outlast other garments and contribute to a more planet-friendly clothing industry, let’s get into some of the lesser-known benefits of this hero fiber.

Hemp is naturally antimicrobial (anti-stink), effectively disperses heat to keep you cool in the warmer months, and boasts a remarkable weight-to-strength ratio, lending itself well to airy, lightweight gear. Lastly, hemp holds up to repeated washing incredibly well, hanging on to dyes and softening over time.

Is there anything hemp can’t do?

Not really. However, hemp does have a few features that make it better suited to certain applications. Understanding these features has informed the design of our legendary Cotton Hemp Tee, as well as all other hemp-based gear in our roster.

fit model leaning against the wall in The Cotton Hemp Tee in Natural

How We Use Hemp

After reading about all of hemp's benefits, it should come as no surprise that we use it regularly in our mission to create some of the most durable, Responsible gear on the planet. But while hemp clothing boasts some impressive credentials, the one place where it can come up short is in the texture department.

While hemp’s tougher, thicker fibers are perfect for outerwear, when crafting clothing that’s meant to sit against your skin (like a tee shirt), it can start off a little scratchy. So, in an effort to create the perfect tee for summer, we hit the drawing board on a dialed-in blend that would harness all of the benefits of hemp with none of the drawbacks.

We are the type of folks who don’t mince our words, so we called the result The Cotton Hemp Tee.

fit model posing on a road in The Cotton Hemp Tee in Charcoal

The Cotton Hemp Tee

Balancing the soft-on-the-skin feel of 100% organic cotton and the breathable durability of hemp, our Cotton Hemp Tee has quickly become a fan favorite in our roster. It boasts an incredibly lightweight hand feel that’s perfect for spring and summer while retaining the longevity to get better and better with each season of wear.

Thanks to a classic, close-to-body fit that’s trim around the chest and shoulders while draping naturally through the body, The Cotton Hemp Tee looks great on its own or layered under your favorite jacket.

Lastly, we’ve taken full advantage of hemp’s astounding ability to hang on to dye by constantly offering new styles and colorways to choose from.

If you’re looking for some better basics to elevate your wardrobe, we’d say The Cotton Hemp Tee is the perfect place to start.

If you need any help styling this versatile staple or just want to delve even deeper into the world of classic tees, check out our Definitive Tee Guide. Cheers.

Shop Cotton Hemp Tees

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