Fabric Sourcing We develop custom fabrics that allow us to have the perfect material for each collection we produce. The raw materials are some of the world's best. We pride ourselves in producing quality apparel and delivering great value.
Responsible Manufacturing We manufacture in specialized factories all over the United States and Europe. When we want something made, we find the people that make it best. Our denim is cut and sewn at a preeminent San Francisco factory. Our dress shirts are cut and sewn by a Portuguese family factory that's been hand-turning collars for more than 60 years.
The Workshop This is our testing platform for new designs. We launch a new collection of products every week and allow customers to pre-order goods for a period of 2 weeks. If the pre-sale reaches its goal, we'll make the merchandise. You save money, never need to worry about having your size in stock, and receive your products first.Shop Workshop
Limited Releases If a product succeeds in the Workshop, we'll also sell it as a limited release. This is where we make more units on top of whatever was sold in the pre-sale. We release them to you at retail and ready to ship. Limited products sell out fast so if you see your size, it would be wise not to delay.Shop Limited
Essentials At the base of Taylor Stitch is a collection of products that we always keep in stock. These are the products that should be in every man or woman's closet. These are the things you can reach for anytime, in pretty much any situation, and know you'll look great. They are the base of your wardrobe. They are essential.Shop Essentials