Responsibly Building For The Long Haul

10 years ago we set out to make a better fitting shirt. We did that. Today we’re interested in building a better, more responsible company. Here’s how we’re going to make that happen.

Waves crashing along a palm tree-lined coast

It’s about protecting our places. No matter where you live, we only have one world to care for and we live in a global economy.

Wild Forever

It’s about protecting our people. The people that work not just in our factories, but all factories around the world. We as manufacturers are responsible for making sure they get paid prevailing wages (better than fair) and have access to things like health care and clean water. We’re responsible for making sure they can take maternity leave, have child care, take vacations. It’s about graduating people to the middle class who may not be there. We’re working to build development funds on top of what we pay for products, which we will deploy based on workers needs in their community. Need bikes to get to work? Great. We’ll work with the likes of World Bicycle Relief to not just give them bikes but teach them how to care for them so they don’t turn into trash. Ever heard of the old teach a man to fish adage? Development is always better than giving!

It’s about protecting our places. No matter where you live, we only have one world to care for and we live in a global economy. We’re committed to using recycled and regenerative fibers wherever possible. This will help lower water usage, get rid of chemicals and pesticides which harm workers and leach into the rivers and help close the loop to create a cradle to cradle supply chain. It’s going to take some time but we hope everyone joins us.

Inspecting raw materials at Golden Bear sportswear factory, one of our indutry partners Two friends hiking a mountain trail in the great California outdoors

It’s about education. The more we know the more dangerous we can be. This is where Wild Forever Days come in. These are a happy blend of education, volunteering, building community and having some fun together. We’ll be partnering with other companies who share our values, awesome customers, and local organizations to have no bad days. We’ll do things like blaze trails, clean up trash, help out on a farm and whatever else our community wants to learn about and participate in. Got an idea, want to organize one in your local area? Reach out, we’ll support you!

Interested? Give us a shout to learn more and join us on the journey. This isn’t just about Taylor Stitch, it’s about all of us coming together to protect our people and places through education and responsibility. We believe business is the best vehicle for change and we can have a hell of a lot of fun while doing it.

Stay Wild,

Michael Maher

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