Nowhere To Be But You


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Does where we live define who we are or do we define the places where we live? Maybe both? Take a walk around your neighborhood, any neighborhood in any city, and you can feel the pulse of the populace. It's the smell of the food from the kitchens, the shops on every other corner, the music creeping out of cracked windows. While each assembled from the same building blocks—concrete, timber, asphalt, glass, and brick—neighborhoods are as individual as the individuals that form them. So no matter where you live, remember that there is nowhere to be but you.

  • Direction — Michael Armenta
  • Cinematography — Arthur Alvarez
  • Photography — Emily Alexander
  • Talent — Nick Wirtz, Jimmy Nolan, Aaron Diko, Keith Pasko, George McCalman

“I like that I can go over to the Dogpatch, stand on the edge of the city but still see both bays. I like how quiet but crazy it is—kind of like a playground.” — Jimmy Nolan

“There are parts of Nob Hill that feel like I’m in Europe. The alley streets, the neighborhood characters, the fog rolling down the steep avenue. It’s evocative—a mix of bustle and international and weird and funky.” — George McCalman

“The avenues, Golden Gate Park, the Presidio—it’s a part of the city that makes sunny days extra special.” — Nick Wirtz

“So much history and culture is within walking distance. Records, any type of food, alleys of art, it’s got it all. And it’s the flattest neighborhood, so skating is ideal.” — Aaron Diko

“Smack in the middle of the city, Divisadero is a quick walk to any number of parks, including Alamo Square of Full House fame, and the Panhandle, where we took the pup for a walk. Along Divis itself are some of the best spots to eat in the city, from sushi to burgers and of course, a requisite coffee.” — Keith Pasko

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