Friends in Woven Shirting, Outerwear GOTS Certified & Local Workers

Go to any sporting event, amateur or professional, and the importance of teamwork is palpable. Any legitimate coach will surely mention how rapport is developed through concerted time, effort, and trust. The best teams have an established culture and actively work to hone, sharpen, and refine their camaraderie until it’s razor sharp.

The factory floor in China.

Walking into GTIG Hubo, the same conviviality is glaringly obvious. So much so, we weren’t surprised when the owner mentioned that the average tenure at GTIG Hubo is ten years. This career longevity is a rarity within the textile manufacturing business, especially in East Asia, but GTIG Hubo retains their employees by offering a work-life balance unlike any surrounding factory.

Employees at GTIG Hubo not only recognize the benefits of the lifestyle-leeway that they’re afforded, but also the unprecedented sustainability practices undergone in their facility. Strict measures are taken to ensure that dye partners have sewage treatment systems and that grey water is completely recycled and recirculated. In addition to practicing industry leading sustainability solutions, GTIG Hubo’s dedicated R&D team is devoted solely to the pursuit of cutting-edge upcycled textile production processes.

Friends in Woven Shirting, Outerwear

GOTS Certified & Local Workers

Friends in Woven Shirting, Outerwear

GOTS Certified & Local Workers

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