Friends In Denim GOTS Certified & First Producer of SWAN

If there’s one thing that Nordic countries have down, it’s likely a split between Cross Country Skiing and sustainable business regulation. The Nordic Swan (EcoLabel) is a sustainability label that evaluates the full life cycle of a textile product, from raw materials to manufacturing and post-production waste, ultimately guiding consumers in making smart, environmentally-conscious purchases. As the gold standard of environmental distinctions, Nordic Swan employs meticulous practices to ensure that standards are upheld.

Denim taking a tumble with some rocks to give it a soft feel. A woman aptly sews denim pieces into place.

SARP Denim is the first textile company to bring the Swan label to denim. Period.

If you’re still not sold on their commitment to sustainability (even though you should be), read on. SARP is GOTS certified, requiring that they use exclusively organic raw materials, nitrogen fixing and soil replenishing farming techniques, and practice highly regulated, standardized supply chain and labor practices.

It’s easy to feel great when wearing SARP denim, because goodness has been grown, cultivated, and stitched into each fiber before the garment ever graces your body.