Year In Review

Hundreds of products. Trips, international and domestic. Twelve collections. Another lap means it’s time to look back.

Another lap around the solar system—2017 was chock full of highlights for Taylor Stitch. From launching eleven collections with clothing built for the long haul to all the new customers and to all those that we have grown to know better, we’ve made great strides to continue building the company we envisioned when we started this journey ten years ago.

At the beginning of this past year, our co-founder and CEO Michael Maher sent a note to all of you. In the letter, he made a promise that as we continued to get bigger, we will get better. Throughout 2017 we have been committed to investing in responsible practices that protect our people, places, and the planet, all while making the best products on the market and picking up a few new friends along the way. We are getting better. Here’s a bit of our year in review.

Our guy rummaging in his bag, wearing a rolled up denim shirt. Our guy walking with his blue suit jacket slung over his shoulder. Our guy walking up a steep sidewalk, wearing a peacoat and oxford shoes.

What We Made

We launched the year by introducing a new line for Taylor Stitch made entirely from the world’s most advanced natural fiber, merino, and developed to take you through the entire day. Now a sub-brand all its own, CIVIC has won the hearts of dedicated customers looking to simplify their closet. We introduced our Telegraph Collection with friend and architect Ryan Leidner, and then launched our first tee shirt made from 100% upcycled materials, saving ~1000 gallons of water per shirt in the process. We continued our Maritime Collection building a line of garments suited for the open sea—or just dreaming about it—with the Winslow Parka being one of our heavy-hitting favorites. We saw the return of everyone’s annual favorites: the Yosemite and the Crater. We won a prestigious Apex Award for the Hawkins and worked with our friends at Golden Bear to launch a total of seven beautiful, handmade jackets, right here in San Francisco. We introduced you to the future of denim with Dyneema, and we even sold an electric motorcycle. We’ve been hard at work and have even bigger plans for the year to come.

A white Porsche, kicking up dust. Two guys on a motorcycle, in the rain. Cropped shot of a red-tiled roof, with a mariachi band and socializing party-goers. Abstract blue image of blurred mountains. A 4x4 traversing an impossibly-engineered cliffside track through rugged mountains. A wooden boat-builders workshop. A woman walking through a field of agave. Commuters on a Japanese undergound train. An icy mountain lake. A guy in shorts and fleece walking over a zebra crossing. A woman sitting against a white wooden building. Blurred close-up of a woman drinking from a can. A steep hillside suburb, shot from a distance. A couple sitting on the bow of a boat, shot from the mast, looking along the boom. Our guy driving a BMW, shot through the open sunroof. A photo of someone taking a photo right back, standing in the doorway of a roadside fruit shack. A guy wearing a vest, standing on the sea shore, with the ocean in the background. A working marina scene with several dry-docked yachts. Close up of the propellor on a blue-keeled yacht. A woman facing the camera, wearing a dress, standing against a stone wall with a man approaching from the right. Four or five guys, standing around their parked classic cars, talking, with the city in the far distance. Overhead shot looking down on a guy sitting in a hot tub. Rippling waves on the ocean with mountains in the background. A motocross rider pulling a wheelie. A guy looking back behind the camera, stanind ina street, himself with a camera. Three feathers stuck in the beading of a crusty old window.

Places Travelled

What a year. We traveled to the Dominican Republic with Waves for Water to implement and teach them to use water filters for communities in need. We crossed the Golden Gate to learn about the boatbuilding history of the San Francisco Bay and sail the west coast’s oldest sailboat, Frida. We sent a few friends to Nepal to test our technical apparel in the harsh conditions found on the Annapurna Circuit. We spent a weekend with friends driving from L.A. to Big Bear in vintage Porsches. We got lost in Oaxaca, and we shredded trails in the Sierras with our friends at Alta Motors. Making friends along the way, we’ve done our best to put our gear to the test so you can rest assured it is built for the long haul. Last but not least, and a trip that absolutely made the year, was heading across the Pacific to Japan to open our first international retail store and brand presence.

An older gentleman walking through woodland on a sunny day. A dozen or so volunteers working on a wooded slope, with rakes and shovels.

The Good We’ve Done

We provided over 1,000,000 gallons of clean drinking water to communities in need in the Dominican Republic. We offered $17,000 to Houston Relief efforts after Hurricane Harvey with the help of a handful of like-minded brands. We held a pop-up sample sale in Santa Rosa to donate clothes and proceeds to the community affected by the devastating Northern California fires. We’ve doubled-downed—no, tripled-downed—on our commitment to source our fabrics responsibly—upcycled chambray, recycled cotton, gold-rated leather, sustainable hemp. We invited our local community to join us in rolling up our sleeves and getting our hands dirty at our first of soon-to-be many Wild Forever Days, because, at the end, that is our goal—to protect our parks both near and far, so all of us can enjoy it, forever.

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