Models holding surfboards by the sea

The Turning Tide Capsule

Taylor Stitch x Fair Harbor
Surfboards by the sea

Grassroots Gusto

A ferry ride away from Long Island, Fair Harbor is a quiet, car-free beach community with sun bleached signs and barnacle dappled buoys bobbing off-shore. In short, the perfect place to make memories during those seemingly endless summers of childhood—and that’s just what Caroline and Jake Danehy did each season.

As they got a little older, they took notice of how much plastic pollution littered their beach getaway, and how each year it seemed to get worse. It quickly became apparent that the location they loved so much wasn’t guaranteed to be there forever. So they put their heads together on a solution.

The Bayberry Trunk in Mirage Palm The Bayberry Trunk in Sandbar The Anchor Trunk in Red Clay

A short while later, Jake entered a pitch competition at his university, armed with his and his sister’s idea to transform plastic waste into sustainable beach-wear. He won the competition and took home a $20,000 prize. With that money, they funded their first limited run of beachwear made from recycled plastic bottles.

Eight years after that university pitch competition, Fair Harbor has repurposed more than 27,000,000 plastic bottles, ensuring cleaner beaches and pristine summer memories for future generations. Not to mention outfitting thousands of folks with some incredibly comfortable trunks.

A splash in a swimming pool

Needless to say, that spirited stick-with-it-ness and impressive environmentalism picked up our attention. So we’re thrilled to announce our first ever collaboration with the dreamers and doers at Fair Harbor. While mighty grateful to the Danehys for coming together with us over shared interests in a more Responsible future, we’re equally impressed with the trunks themselves.

Models holding surfboards while approaching the sea Model wearing The Bayberry Trunk in Sandbar Model stepping out of the pool in The Bayberry Trunk in Mirage Palm Model walking with a surfboard in The Anchor Trunk in Red Clay

On top of repurposing nearly a dozen single use plastic bottles for each pair, The Anchor and Bayberry Trunk do away with that uncomfortable mesh lining that make your boys feel like the catch of the day, and replaces it with a Responsibly built BreezeKnit™ liner that wicks moisture, dries quick and ends uncomfortable chafing, no matter how hard you hit the surf. Check out everything the Turning Tide Capsule has to offer and gear up for a breezy summer in the surf or on the turf.

Model surfing in the sea

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