A Landrover beind driven down a dirt road, towards the camera.
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It’s no secret that the Taylor Stitch team are lovers of adventures of all sorts. We’re as happy hopping on the back of a friend’s bike for an impromptu trip to a local beach as we are hopping on an airplane to explore the great unknown.

Himalaya — Drivable Automotive Artwork

Whether you’re traveling thousands of miles or just a couple of blocks, there are new experiences to discover everywhere, and we build apparel that you can rely on no matter what you’re doing or where you’re going. That said, we reserve a special admiration for the pieces that are designed and constructed specifically to withstand heavy, sustained use—like our collection of resoleable leather boots, our Chore pants, and our range of Moto Jackets. There’s nothing like stepping into something that has been carefully and expertly engineered from the ground up to keep you protected as your comfort zone becomes more and more distant in the rearview.

That’s why we think what our buddies at HIMALAYA are doing is so incredible. Transfixed by the sight of an august old Landrover Defender, parked but primed for adventure, founder James W. Shondel became fascinated with the idea of putting a modern spin on this legendary vehicle. In practice, that meant maintaining the Defender’s unique aesthetic and history while adding a slew of enhancements—refinished interiors, improved performance, enhanced safety features—to bring it into the modern era. Nearly every facet of HIMALAYA’s one-of-a-kind projects have been re-tuned, reimagined, and rebuilt while remaining faithful to the source material. This is the same Defender adventurers the world over know and love, equipped with a suite of fresh features that make getting lost (and un-lost) better than ever.

Landrover parked in a pull-out overlooking a rocky bay.

Himalaya — Drivable Automotive Artwork

We were lucky enough to be given the opportunity to take one of HIMALAYA’s custom-made powerhouses out for a spin, and it was an incredible experience. As Shondel notes, the Land Rover was devised as a utility vehicle, and as such, its finish was not a high priority—decidedly not the case this time around. Even before we started the engine, the attention-to-detail was impossible to miss, with a completely refinished interior rivaling that of even the most unattainable luxury cars. HIMALAYA’s extraordinary craftsmanship really became apparent once we hit the road, though. This is a completely rebuilt vehicle—with a powerful LS3 engine, a custom-built chassis, state-of-the-art breaks and suspension—and it handles like a dream. Sitting behind the wheel of this unbelievable feat of engineering, the urge to explore—to take the rockier road in search of adventure—was palpable. HIMALAYA calls their creations “DRIVABLE AUTOMOTIVE ARTWORK,” and we’re inclined to agree.

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The Dispatch

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