A Community Favorite For Six Years & Counting

The Yosemite Shirt might represent the Taylor Stitch ethos better than any other garment on our roster. A rugged, reliable piece that you don’t have to think twice about: toss it in your bag and get to wherever you’re going—confident that it’ll come in handy when you get there. We reached out to some of our customers and asked them what they love about The Yosemite. The responses (and the accompanying photos and anecdotes) warmed our hearts—like a super cozy, heavy-duty chamois shirt might.

A man and two dogs crouched in front of a Christmas tree.

“Alas, this photo from last Christmas is the only one I have of my Yosemite. I love these shirts for winter—snowboarding, the occasional cold weather hike, etc. Love what you guys are doing! Keep it up!”

— Will Denney
A man waving at the camera with a car on the left of shot and mountain scenery in the background.

“I packed up a bag with a few Yosemite shirts on a fly fishing tour through Kluane National Park in Northern Canada. Warm days, cool nights, and too many grizzly bears.”

— Colin Waugh
A close-up of a man holding a baby against his chest.

“Me and my son Soren at eight days old. While hanging out at the hospital and waiting to bring him home, I appreciated a soft, warm shirt that I could wear a few days in a row without thinking about it.”

— Richard Row
A man in a blue shirt and sunglasses with San Francisco and the bay blurred in the background.

“Cruising around San Francisco. The Yosemite kept the 20 knot winds at bay—and my core toasty warm.”

— Todd Tatum
A man standing, hands in pockets, over a fire constructed from beach wrack.

“The Yosemite is how I found out about Taylor Stitch back in 2013 or 2014. My dad wore chamois shirts during summer camping trips when I was growing up, and one year he bought me one. It was soft, comfortable, and reminded me of camping in our pop top with buffalo plaid sleeping bags and rusty zippers. I inevitably bought one from y’all out of nostalgia—and because it looked super comfortable. I became a big fan due to the exceptional fit and thick, burly fabric. It was overbuilt, and it aged and faded gracefully. I’ve bought a new color every year since.”

— Ryan Tatar
A man posing in front of a large sequoia.

“I'm a pilot and I own a small brewery on the side. My Yosemite shirt pretty much lives in my travel bag eight or nine months of the year. The shirt in the photo has been with me to Yosemite, Sequoia, Banff, Sitka… And I wear it all the time when I’m brewing back home. I love The Yosemite Shirt because it’s so versatile, fits and looks great, and has held up to tons of wear.”

— Jay Jubeck
A man standing on a boat with a port city and mountains in the background.

“Here's me wearing my Yosemite just as we ventured out for a geophysical survey off Sicily’s shore below the smoking Mount Etna. The weather in Sicily last January was unpredictable—we had to be ready for anything, from clear skies to blizzards. These are just the cases when I want my Yosemite with me: for warmth on chilly mornings, for protection from occasional rain-showers, and for keeping me flexible and fully mobile for deck-work and survey activities. I wore it every day during our week-long voyage, and saw no reason to take it off once we were back on land. I have two Yosemite shirts and I believe I will have more sooner or later. I will probably never have less, though, because they are not very easy to kill.”

— Mor Kanari
A man in shirt, shorts and cap, standing in a grassed area.

“The Yosemite was my first purchase from you guys and I absolutely love the three that I have. These shirts are one-of-a-kind: soft and comfortable, classy and rugged! I always try to bring one with me because it works both as a jacket and a layering piece. The most memorable place I’ve taken mine was on a weekend getaway to a private island at Lake Vermilion, MN. On the way home I almost lost it. I got too hot in the car and when we got out to stretch I took it off and put it on top of the car. Without thinking, we hopped back in and sped off. We got about three miles down the road before I realized what I’d done, and we had to drive another five miles until we could turn around. We got off the exit and as we get closer we saw a black lump in the middle of the road. Luckily enough, it was my Yosemite. Reunited for many years to come!!!”

— Steven Waudby
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