Repair Reward Resell

Yep, We Want Your Old S#!t.

We’re committed to building products for the long haul. That’s why we’re debuting our revolutionary buyback program to repair, renew, and recycle old gear.

  • Clean out your closet
  • Earn credit back
  • Reduce apparel waste

The Issue

85% of all apparel ends up in our landfills, including what you donate. That’s no bueno.

Your Action

Got old stuff? We'll buy your well-loved TS garments back from you.

Our Solution

We’ll repair those items and find new homes for them.

Categories & Pricing

Get The Credit You Deserve

Category Trade-In Credit
Shirts $15
Sweaters $20
Bottoms $20
Outerwear $25

How It Works

Send us your used Taylor Stitch clothes and receive Common Club Credit to put towards any new or used TS garment.

We then restitch previously worn, damaged, or defective products into new one-of-kind garments.

Looking For

We are currently accepting Taylor Stitch garments. Whether perfect, worn-in, or in need of repair—we want it. Sorry, no footwear or t-shirts.

Ready To Send Your Goods In?

Doing some spring cleaning and want to find a home for your perfectly worn-in chore pants or faded denim jacket? We’ll take it.

What Items Are You Shipping?