The Seawall Hand-knit Sweater

Edition Archive. No longer available for purchase.

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Wouldn’t it be great if—social conventions aside—you could just wrap yourself up in a big, fluffy blanket all day, every day to block out the cold? That’s the question that prompted us to team up with the world-famous purveyors of all things cozy at Kanata Hand Knits Inc. to create The Seawall Hand-knit Sweater. Because each of the forty one-of-a-kind pieces was built by hand by an individual knitter using traditional Cowichan techniques used by the Coast Salish people of Vancouver Island, it has the inimitable feel of a carefully crafted family heirloom—that is to say, it’s really, really warm.


Simply put, there’s no replacement for wool. It’s cozy, it’s breathable, and because it’s highly durable and breaks down when discarded, it’s easy on the environment. The Seawall was built by hand in Canada using a custom-developed yarn pattern, resulting in a uniquely homespun look and feel—like a precious hand-me-down without the stains and snags. Because each of these cottage industry garments is knit by hand, expect variations from our typical sizing and fit.

Garment Weight

Warmth without the weight.

  • Light
  • Medium
  • Heavy


  • 100% wool.
  • Knit by hand.
  • Custom-developed yarn pattern.
  • Made in Canada.


This product is part of a small batch manufacturing run that may use exclusive materials like dead stock fabrics. The product is limited in quantity and may never be in stock again. Limited products are available for immediate shipping.

The Seawall Hand-knit Sweater hanging on a hook
Our model wearing The Seawall Hand-knit Sweate zipped up
This garment is Natural Wool, Natural Warmth

As far as natural fibers go, wool leads the flock in terms of performance features (temperature regulation, moisture management, etc.), but it also boasts a ton of environmental benefits, including impressive garment longevity, recyclability, and low-impact upkeep.

The cuff and hem of The Seawall Hand-knit Sweate shown on our model
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