The Blaik Alpaca Wool Beanie

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Designed to take the edge off the crisp coastal climates of Northern California—perfect for after a ride or to provide a bit of warmth post surf. With the right mix of materials, the Blaik provides the softness of alpaca wool with the durability of cotton.


85% Cotton and 15% Alpaca Wool

Handcrafted from start to finish in Peru, the fibers are naturally water repellent and thermally insulating. The cotton adds structure and durability for prolonged use while the hollow structure of the wool fiber has a smooth surface that results in the ability to retain heat, and provides an unparalleled softness and texture.


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  • 85% cotton / 15% alpaca knit
  • 100% hand-crafted.
  • 4” foldable ribbed cuff.
  • Proudly made in Peru.


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