2017 - Mens - The Good Acre Collection

The Makers & Doers

June 2017

We made the Good Acre Collection for our friends who aren't afraid to jump in and get shit done. You know the type. Most often seen with sleeves rolled up and tool in hand—chefs, mechanics, farmers, winemakers, welders, sculptors. Good Acre is for the makers and doers; for those that choose callus over keystroke.

We took the classics found in the closet of anyone who has spent years honing their craft and boiled them down to a concise collection of purpose-built garments that simply won't tire out. Rather than relying on the outdated fits universal on every corner job site, we've spent countless hours refining and perfecting our tailoring of these pieces. The result: a resilient collection of jackets, shirts, and pants that look great both on the job and off.

There's a Beeswaxed Jacket (the first of its kind) that is easily refinished and only looks better with each wear. There are a couple of shirts with reinforced elbows and a couple cut from a burly Cone Mills corded fabric. Of course we had to introduce two new shades to our lineup of famed 12-oz. double-knee Chore Pants—just try to wear them out.

To showcase the collection we headed down to the heart of Mezcal production in the Mexican state of Oaxaca. Unique in the spirit world, with countless degrees of freedom influencing any step of the process, the sheer (multiplicative) variability dictates that no two traditional Mezcal batches are the same. The culture of production relies on generations of knowledge, sweat equity, and craft, that makes the entire process and participation simply beautiful. In keeping with the intentions behind the Good Acre Collection, the maestros of Mezcal aren't trying to make something different in each batch, rather something better than the last. ¡Salud!

    Finding Mezcal - The Dispatch
    The DispatchFinding MezcalA loose itinerary, a couple of contacts, and a destination. We headed to Oaxaca to take a peek behind the veil of mezcal production.Read The Dispatch
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