A view of the Pacific Northwest waters out of a ferry window.

The Forever Mild Collection


  • Visuals — Christian Wetzel, Drew Perlmutter, Jared Erickson
  • Rider — Isaac Diggs
  • Words — Adam Honingford

You don’t have to own a motorcycle to love Brother Moto.

Nico checking the beans in a roasting machine.

We've had an awesome Moto Month so far, celebrating the thrill of the open road with a ton of new gear—including fresh boots, shirting, and a brand new Band Collar version of our flagship Moto Jacket! We wanted to make the most of the final stretch, so we're joining forces with our buddies at Brother Moto before crossing the finish line. If you’ve never heard of Brother Moto, well—they’re a motorcycle crew that operates Atlanta, GA's premier community garage/coffeeshop. They live and breathe the D.I.Y. lifestyle, and they've made it their mission to demystify their two great passions: coffee and motorcycles.


Since opening their doors in 2014, Brother Moto has cultivated a devoted fan base of both veterans and newcomers. As they put it, their goal is to "provide the space and resources for the D.I.Y. spirited to build, grow, explore, and create."

For many, the phrase “motorcycle crew” is intimidating, but Brother Moto is working hard to change that. They’re not interested in tough guy posturing; instead, they’re all about enjoying the ride, learning new things, and brewing up some mighty fine coffee along the way. Forever Mild—it’s a lifestyle.

Above all, Brother Moto subscribes to the belief that it's more fun to work in the company of others, and judging by the loyalty of their homegrown community of tinkerers, moto enthusiasts, and coffee connoisseurs, they're onto something. Their business was born from a desire for a dedicated space to work on bikes, share knowledge, and meet like-minded people. The crew has grown in size over the years, but the premise remains unchanged.

Given Brother Moto's penchant for teamwork, it's no surprise that the collaboration we cooked together up is something special. Alongside a bunch of awesome merch—enamel pins, safety glasses, and (of course) coffee—we've got three unique versions of TS Staples: The Brother Moto Heavy Bag Henley, The Brother Moto Shop Shirt (which features a cozy flannel liner!), and The Brother Moto Jacket! They're only available in limited quantities, so—per Brother Moto's mantra—Be Fast!

Moto Month may be winding down, but there’s plenty of awesome stuff on the horizon to look forward to. As we move towards the holidays, we know how easy it is to get swept up in the chaos and lose sight of the joys of the journey. This year, we’re gonna take a page from Brother Moto’s book and try to pace ourselves. Stay Mild.

2020 - Mens - The Moto Collection

  • The Brother Moto Heavy Bag Henley in Forever Mild - featured imageThe Brother Moto Heavy Bag Henley in Forever Mild - featured image
    The Brother Moto Heavy Bag Henleyin Forever Mild $47.60 On Sale $68 30% off!XS - 36S - 38M - 40L - 42XL - 44XXL - 46
  • The Moto Boot in Chocolate Pebble Grain - featured imageThe Moto Boot in Chocolate Pebble Grain - featured image
    The Moto Bootin Chocolate Pebble Grain $243.60 On Sale $348 30% off!
  • The All Smiles Enamel Pin - featured imageThe All Smiles Enamel Pin - featured image
    The All Smiles Enamel Pin $5.60 On Sale $8 37% off!
  • The Bolt Enamel Pin - featured imageThe Bolt Enamel Pin - featured image
    The Bolt Enamel Pin $5.60 On Sale $8 37% off!
  • The Nice Beans Special Roast - featured imageThe Nice Beans Special Roast - featured image
    The Nice Beans Special Roast $14 On Sale $20 30% off!
Nico driving his BMW hard through the desert, kicking up dust.

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