Kirk playing guitar in a studio in Dallas.

A Century On & Still Going Strong

We’ve joined forces with Stetson to bring you a Responsibly Built collection inspired by 150 years of history
  • Visuals — Tyler Ellison, Kirk Thurman, Nate Irwin
  • Words — Adam Honingford

When you think of The American West, you think of Stetson.

Nate putting on the Packable Lane Splitter

When we first partnered with the team at Stetson last year, we cooked up a collection of exceptionally sharp, road-ready pieces built to stand the test of time. As that collaboration was getting off the ground, one word kept running through our minds: legacy. It’s not hard to work out why we became so fixated on this idea; since its founding in 1865, Stetson has built an inimitable legacy by offering superior products fit for trailblazers of all kinds—from the larger-than-life historical figures who first tamed the wilder corners of this country to the modern adventurers who continue to explore its more elusive nooks and crannies today. In short, when you think of The American West, you think of Stetson.


By comparison, Taylor Stitch is the new kid on the block. Sure, we’ve accomplished a lot since we hit the scene in 2007, but we still find a brand like Stetson’s sheer longevity inspiring. It makes us wonder: what will our brand look like in ten, twenty, fifty years? It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day grind, but you can learn a lot by taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture. What we’ve learned—especially after contemplating Stetson’s incredible history—is that, moment by moment, piece by piece, we’re building a legacy of our own. It’ll be a while before we catch up to Stetson, but we’re gonna work our tails off to get there. Mark our words: in a hundred years, when people hear the phrase “Responsibly Built For The Long Haul,” they’ll think of Taylor Stitch.

All the mushy stuff aside, our new collaboration with Stetson is most assuredly not to be missed. We’re rolling out an absolutely incredible range of exclusive pieces that combine the very best of both brands, starting with a brand new hat: The Packable Lane Splitter.


Kirk checking out the levels on a sound board.

We asked our buddy, Dallas-based singer/songwriter Kirk Thurmond to take The Lane Splitter out for a spin, and he sent us some shots (captured by the very talented Tyler Ellison) of him rocking both the Mushroom and Espresso colorways during a recent recording session. All you musicians out there know how grueling a full day in the studio can be, but Kirk—with a little help from the trusty Lane Splitter—makes it look effortless. Check out Kirk’s music—including his latest, oh-so-smooth single, "Campari & Soda"—on streaming platforms, and be sure to show him some love on Instagram (@kirkthurmond).

We’ve got a ton of awesome collab pieces to unveil over the coming weeks, and you can bet your bottom dollar that Kirk isn’t the only friend who’s gonna show up to the party. Without going into too much detail, we’re pretty confident that you’ll find a lot to love about this collection—stay tuned!

The Packable Lane Splitters sitting on the sound mixing board.

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