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2017 - Mens - The Waypoint Collection

Beyond Boundaries

May 2017

You've planned, dreamt, and schemed. With beta in hand, you've made reservations and created itineraries. You've checked your packing list and set your alarm. The escape you've been waiting for is here.

Whether a weekend in your nearest national park or a trek through Nepal, it seems there is always a longing for those moments in between the hustle—minutes free of obligation, minutes free to explore. The opportunity to inquire "who we are" and "why we do," is the timeless invitation destined to beckon adventurers from the confines of your everyday (you read On The Road, right?). The escape, adventure, or exploit of your choosing is a coping mechanism from the never ending responsibilities of our lives.

With all of this in mind, we conceived and designed The Waypoint Collection by asking the question: if we had to pack a single bag for a weekend escape or international trek, what would be in that bag? Nothing extra; everything essential.

In the end we decided on a merino henley and tee both which can be worn as a base layer or in the afternoon heat; a couple pairs of pants that stay dry in the rain; a pair of shorts that can swim, bike, hike, and chill; a mid-layer long-sleeve merino; an extra-warm and packable fleece-lined overshirt; a collared shirt sneakily made of merino (notice the trend?); and a fully seam-taped, lightweight, fully waterproof, yet breathable rain jacket with a shit ton of stretch. This is our escape kit. This is your escape kit.

Our goal was to make it a touch easier to plan your next adventure, so that all you have to do is find the Waypoints.

The Waypoint Collection
The Waypoint Collection - The Farewell Ascent
The DispatchThe Farewell Ascent”Nepal is a place where people come to connect with the mountains and simplify their way of living. It is an incredibly unpredictable place and that can be frustrating or fantastic. I just want to be able to remember that after I leave.”Read The Dispatch