2017 - Mens - The Spring Maritime Collection

Prevailing Winds

April 2017

Sailing is a defining characteristic of San Francisco. From Sir Francis Drake to Myron Spaulding to Larry Ellison, sailing has been inseparable from the modern history of our hometown. On any windy Sunday, every view of the Bay is dotted with sails raising, spinnakers flying, and masts tilting with every gust. The boats dance and play in a chaotic yet practiced performance with the choreography compelled by the conditions. You can find sailboats docked and stashed in every corner, inlet, and harbor in the bay; and it’s no secret that a day spent on the water is one of life’s great diversions.

We took our collective boating experiences tying half hitches, pulling halyards, and learning the difference between bow, stern, starboard, and port, to inform our latest collection and to design a group of garments for summer days on and off the boat. From the ubiquitous stripes borrowed from a century of sailors before us, to the Naval-inspired Bomber Shell Jacket, to the Japanese Selvedge Indigo shirt jacket, our latest Maritime Collection speaks to the timelessness of nautical pursuits and nods to San Francisco Bay’s sailing history.

To frame the collection we spent a few days with the folks at Spaulding Boat Center in Sausalito. A torchbearer for sailing history, wooden craftsmanship, and nautical stewardship, Spaulding is a non-profit committed to "preserving, sharing, and celebrating the area’s rich history of boat building." It is an extraordinary community that is a cornerstone of marine heritage and maritime skills, as well as home to the West Coast's oldest active sailing yacht—Freda.

While not the fastest boat in the Bay, sailing this celebrated ship—with sails full, lines taut, and hull keeled—gave us an uncompromising escape from the reality found just a stone's throw back on land. There’s no question this freedom is why so many boats dot the water on windy afternoons. The Maritime Collection was created for these days afloat—for when you find yourself at the helm of your own ship.

    The Fall Maritime Collection - Timeless Nautical Pursuit
    The DispatchTimeless Nautical PursuitSpaulding Boatworks (now Spaulding Marine Center) opened its doors in 1951. Located on the northern shores of Sausalito, the Center is now a non-profit “dedicated to preserving, sharing, and celebrating the area’s rich history of boat building.” The layers of patina, paint, and passion inside the yard are enough to take your breath away.Read The Dispatch
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