Japan Kamakura

We opened our first overseas Taylor Stitch retail store in the summer of 2017. Looking out the front of the sunshine-filled glass storefront at the Shohan Sea, you’ll see why we picked this location. Kamakura / Shichirigahama is known as one of the classic surf spots in Japan. On the main street surfers come and go, there is “freedom in the mellow”. Similar to the California coast, surfing as well as art, music and culture have their roots here. It’s a unique location and perfect for conveying the Taylor Stitch lifestyle. It’s a short walk from Enira’s Shichirigahama station and faces National Route 134, so it’s easily accessible. Our full line is stocked, please come and visit!

1 Chome-1-1
Shichirigahama, Kamakura,
10:00am - 7:00pm