Garment Care





Raw, including selvage

Turn inside out. Soak alone in cool water. Hang or lay completely flat to dry. Washing in washing machine may cause fabric discoloration.


Canvas, Chambray, Chamois, Chino, Duck Canvas, Fleece, Jersey, Linen, Oxford, Royal Oxford, Sanded Canvas

Cold wash in washing machine, hang to dry. Will shrink minimally if put in dryer on low tumble dry. Minimal shrinkage may appear after first wash cycle.


Pocket Tee, Crewneck Sweatshirt, Selvage Canvas, Utility Shirt

These dyed garments tend to rub indigo dye onto skin or lighter garments in the first few wears. To avoid this, soak garment in lukewarm water alone before wearing or washing. May take 2-3 soaks before garment ceases to bleed. Wash in cold water with like colors.


Moto Jacket in Whiskey Steerhide

As an animal hide, leather is among the most resilient of materials. It’ll recover from water marks, even if you’re caught in a downpour, if you just hang it to dry. For any other type of stain, have your garment cleaned by a leather care professional only. We suggest Arrow in Kansas City, MO.


Orinda Blouse

Dry clean only.

Waxed Canvas

Long Haul Jacket in Waxed Field Tan, Project Jacket, Rover Jacket

Spot clean only. Do not wash, soak, or put in dryer.


Maritime Jacket, Telegraph Jacket & Trousers, Rover Jacket in Milleraine

Dry clean only.