Did I just see a new checkout system?

You probably did! We’re piloting a new checkout experience with our friends at Klarna. We’re experimenting with their platform to offer you a streamlined buying experience. We know payment forms are annoying to fill out, and Klarna offers a slick solution.

What is this new checkout system about?

Our new checkout is offered in partnership with Klarna and allows you to securely save your payment information, reduce your need to fill in forms, and greatly simplify your checkout experience. Klarna will help you save your payment information on their secure servers. Your information will stay encrypted with best available technology.

What is Pay after delivery?

With our new checkout, you can buy now and pay later. Eligible customers can checkout with a single click from any connected device, without having to enter any payment details. We will then ship the goods, Klarna will email you an invoice, and you will have 14 days from the shipping date to pay your Klarna invoice.

Who do I contact for further information?

For any shipping, delivery, return, warranty, or any product related questions, please contact us at For any payment related questions, you can contact us or Klarna directly at 844-KLARNA1. For further information about Klarna Checkout including pay after delivery, please visit