Why do things sell out so fast?

We regularly use deadstock fabrics and rare materials, which restricts our manufacturing runs. We have a collection of Essentials that we try to always keep in stock. The best way to make sure you are in the know about our releases is to sign up for our newsletter.

Do you restock sold out items?

We try to always keep garments from our Essentials collection in stock.

When demand is strong enough for a Limited product that sells out, we will likely remake it. The best way to let us know that you want to bring a product back is to click into the sold out product, select your size, click the “Notify Me” button, and enter your email. You will then be alerted the moment the product is available to purchase.

How much stretch can I expect from raw denim? Should I order the same size in pants and denim?

Raw denim is stiff because it has not been washed. While it won't flatter your hips and butt at first, it will mold to your body over time.

Out of the box, your denim should fit snugly at the waist because it will stretch-out up to 1" over the first month of consistent wear. That said, we recommend you purchase one waist size smaller than you typically wear.

After some wear and a wash or two, the denim will rise about 1/2" in length. If you decide to hem your denim straightaway, we suggest adding an extra inch on the hem.

For bottoms that are not denim, choose your normal pant size. If you have any questions about how the brand you wear relates to ours, our Customer Experience team is happy to help!

How should I care for a pair of raw denim?

There are a lot of theories out there about how to best care for raw denim. We like to keep things simple: wash your jeans when they start to smell or feel greasy. Nobody appreciates smelly jeans, and a buildup of dirt speeds up the break-down of the fibers in the fabric. Neither are good for your jeans.

When washing your jeans, start by turning them inside out. Fill a bucket or your bath-tub with cool water, and stir in some mild detergent or dish soap. Fully submerge your jeans into the water, gently moving them around to fully soak them. Let them sit for thirty minutes. When you remove the jeans from the water, press the fabric (do not wring) to get the majority of the water out. Hang your jeans to dry (a drying rack or shower rod will do).

Why are all the inseams on your pants the same?

The inseams on all of our men's pants are 36" so that you can cuff or hem to your desired length. We do not hem pants ordered online because we want to be absolutely sure the pants fit before alteration (alteration would make the pants non-returnable). We do offer free hems if you are local and can bring the pants into either of our San Francisco store locations. The turnaround time for a hem is approximately one week.

What if a product I purchased needs repair?

Please send us an email at and include your name, order number, and the reason for repair. We will then issue you return postage and turn your repair around as quick as possible. Please note that repairs take up to four weeks when transit time is factored in.