Bespoke Legacy

Our partners, Mel Gambert Bespoke, are the second longest operating shirt maker in the United States.

Each custom pattern is constructed using 12 measurements and perfected with a detailed style consultation.

Where to Buy

To be fitted for a customer shirt, visit either of our San Francisco stores. We are located at 383 Valencia Street in the Mission, and at 2030 Chestnut Street in the Marina.

We are open every day from 11–7. No appointment is necessary.

Style Guide

Our style guide lays out all of the design elements that go into a custom shirt. We have presented a few classic templates to get you started. Click the link below.

Custom Shirting

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the lead time for a custom shirt?

Shirts take approximately 4-5 weeks to arrive. If you are a new customer and have ordered several shirts in your purchase, we will rush your first in 2-3 weeks to confirm fit and finish. Upon your approval, we will complete the rest of your order.

What is the cost for a custom shirt?

Pricing begins at $150 for introductory fabrics like oxfords and can reach $350 for Thomas Mason Fabrics. The majority of our fabric collection is priced between $175 and $225.

Where are your shirts produced?

Our partners, Mel Gambert Bespoke, are located in Newark, NJ. They are a 3rd generation family shirt maker that have been in operation since 1933.

What is the process for ordering a custom shirt?

Drop by either of our San Francisco stores and one of our style associates will introduce you to our fabric selection and style guide. Measuring, fabric selection, and detail selection generally takes 30 minutes. Our shop is open every day from 11am till 7pm. No appointment is necessary, but you can also confirm a time using a the form below.

What type of style options do I have control over?

The tone of the shirt is set with your choice of fabric and collar. Next, you will select from cuff types, front styles, and pocket options. The final details include buttons, contrast stitching or fabrics, and monogramming.

Will my shirt fit perfectly when it arrives?

Our aim is to knock the fit out of the park on the very first fitting, but a few small tweaks may be necessary to ensure your shirt fits perfectly.

Can I bring you my own fabric to make a shirt?

Yes! We will need 3 yards of fabric to build your custom. We charge $225 for this service.