Womens - Staycation

Staycation Vibes

May 2016

Last months surf trip had us lusting for long days at sea and dining al fresco by the fire. But when all the wanderlust wore off we found ourselves hankering for some much needed down time in the city (stopping only to admire the bridge, not actually crossing it). So with the men off adventuring we took advantage of a low key weekend, exploring the beauty just shy of the Golden Gate Bridge.

This had us rethinking our off duty wardrobe however. Attempting to step up our yoga pant game, we sought out simple, well designed, yet stylish basics that can mix and match seamlessly; extending their shelf life. Enter: the Weekend Wardrobe. French terry knits, perfectly slouchy twill canvas pants, washed linen button down shirt and an indigo dyed woven jacquard kimono, the polished topper that pulls it all together. Casual cool and comfortably confident.