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The Triblend Collection

Three Simple Ingredients. One Extraordinary Fabric.

We founded Taylor Stitch ten years ago with the promise of better-fitting shirts constructed from fabrics that last—the same holds true for our Tees. However, this wasn’t enough for our product team. They didn’t want to just make a better Tee; they wanted to make the World’s Best Tee. Introducing our Triblend Tees, the best we’ve ever tried on. Not to mention, they’re 100% environmentally kind.

Here's how we did it.

Step One Raw Material

Our latest tees are nothing but a classic case of teamwork: 3 simple materials from simple beginnings are combined and given a second chance to create something extraordinary. Organic Cotton discarded on factory cutting room floors, Recycled Polyester with a previous life as a single water bottle, and Tencel fibers regenerated from sustainably farmed eucalyptus trees. Nothing more is added, and nothing more is needed.

The Impact of 1 Shirt

Water Used 0 Gal
Fabric Scraps Diverted 1.4 oz
Plastic Bottles Recycled 6
Tencel Fiber Yield (Compared to cotton) 6X
CO2 Emission Decrease 60%
Responsibly Built For The Long Haul 100%

Step Two Pulped and Ready

Our Triblend Tee is built utilizing the same process as the famed Heavy Bag. We omit the landfill by collecting and shredding discarded cotton and poly materials into pulp that is ready for a second life. To lighten the tee’s weight and improve its hand we incorporate eucalyptus wood pulp grown in pesticide free, socially and environmentally responsible forests. This entire supply chain operates without the adding water, dye, or chemicals and creates a mean trifecta that maximizes comfort, durability, and appearance.

We’re closing the textile supply chain loop.
TL;DR: ‘trash’ in → no additives → good out.

Step Three Spun and done

The rubber really hits the road when we spin the pulp into a single yarn ready to be woven. This is where we decide on the breakdown of the blend, a critical step in ensuring the unique lightweight, soft feel of our Triblend Tee. The magic equation: 25% cotton, 50% polyester, and 25% Tencel (this is the part that is made from Eucalyptus). Just enough structure, soft against the skin, made to last.

Step Four Knit the knot

Now, the form comes to life. At the beginning of this process, raw materials are organized by like-color and spun into a melting pot of a yarn. Rather than redying and polluting the environment, yarns of different natural gradations and colors are knit together to form the deep blacks, rich navy’s, and true whites. Really, it’s not much different than when we used to mix colors in Pre-K.

Step Five Cut and Sewn

Our Triblend and Heavy Bag Tees are made at the same cut and sew factory in Honduras. Here, fabric scraps are recycled from the onset, workers are paid a fair wage and given safe working conditions, and the quality is second to none. By working with socially and environmentally conscious partners, we guarantee that from pulp to Tee each “i” is dotted and “t” is crossed.

Step Six Shipped to you

Now, it’s your turn to carry on the torch. Whether you preach about it or rock it with subtle certainty, take solace in that fact that your Triblend Tee saved around 1,000 gallons of water from being wasted and 6 single use plastic bottles from populating our landfills. We don’t know about you, but we feel pretty damn good about that.

Available In Stock

Spring Ready Knits

Available In Stock

Spring Ready Knits

The softest, heartiest, and most textured tees we have ever released.

The Triblend Tee in Black
The Triblend Teein Black $38
The Triblend Tee in Grey
The Triblend Teein Grey $38
The Triblend Tee in White
The Triblend Teein White $38
The Triblend Long Sleeve in Charcoal Stripe
The Triblend Long Sleevein Charcoal Stripe $55
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