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Polish Is No Excuse

“The test of a machine is the satisfaction it gives you.” - Robert Prisig, Zen and Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

The Mechanic Shirt is our lightweight sanded canvas work shirt. Milled in Japan and constructed in San Francisco, it’s sewn with single needle lock-stitch seams and powder-coated aluminum buttons. It’s beautiful, but make no mistake, the Mechanic is not precious. It’s designed to work.

As we looked to shoot our latest Mechanic release, we were over the moon to meet Nico Samaras. Nico is a Marine and the proprietor of the new Four till Four Cafe in Scottsdale, Arizona. At only 27 years old, Nico has done a lot of living. He’s owned 12 vintage Porsches, but he’s not some silver-spooned aficionado.

He got his start working on cars with his mechanic father, Sam, who was on the Volkswagen scene in Garden Grove in the late 60s. At 16, Nico poured his life savings into a beat up 356 (Four till Four, get it?). After a month of work, he got it running and sold it for a profit. Ever since, he’s been rebuilding, flipping, and driving the ever-living-shit out of Stuttgart’s finest.

We visited Nico in Arizona to show him our shirts and check out his latest operation. We traded stories and our thoughts on design and community. We couldn’t believe just how much we shared in common. Nico summed it up best when he said “Don’t let the polish be an excuse not to drive.” That’s really what we think our garments are all about… use. So indulge that urge, kick up some dirt, and drive.

The Mechanic Collection The Mechanic Collection The Mechanic Collection