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A Camera in One Hand
A Hammer in the Other

October 2020

When you know, you know. That's how Florida-based photographer Corey Woosley felt when, at the tender age of six, he decided that he was destined to become, as he described it at the time, a "wildlife video guy." At an age when most of us were tuning into goofy cartoons every morning, Corey was voraciously consuming nature programs on public television, fostering a lifelong enthusiasm for exploring—and documenting—every nook and cranny of the world around him. Alongside his passion for the outdoors (his teenage years were spent in and around the water—fishing, surfing, diving), Corey pursued his chosen career path with remarkable vigor, and straight after high school he attended a school for documentary photography in The Netherlands to hone his craft. After a few years of cutting his teeth in the industry, he took a break to get a different kind of experience under his belt: traveling throughout rural Florida working on ranches, learning to hunt and cultivate the land. "I spent most of my 20s with a camera in one hand and a hammer in the other," he says, only half-joking.

Although Corey's interests eventually shifted from video to still life photography, his love for nature persisted, and it remains his single biggest source of inspiration. As he puts it, "from the Everglades to the Tetons, every time I get into those wild places I feel transformed, renewed, and inspired." Of course, he isn't shy about the artists who have informed his work, either: Andy Anderson, Clyde Butcher, Austin Coit, Cavin Brothers, Joe Haeberle, among many others. His openness about inspirations notwithstanding, Corey's work is very much his own. Whatever genre he's working in—portraiture, still life, landscape—a powerful feeling of nostalgia permeates his photos, betraying his genuine affection and reverence for the subjects in the frame. His technique is unostentatious, yet the images he produces lend themselves to close, careful inspection. Available in very limited quantities, this collection of signed, hand-numbered prints—which document his travels through his home state of Florida, The Teton Mountains in Wyoming, and the deserts of Santa Fe, New Mexico—demonstrate his one-of-a-kind talent. Not all of us are lucky enough to travel to beautiful places for a living; we hope Corey's photos encourage you to seek out all of the beauty right outside your front door.

  • The Flooded Oak Hammock by Corey Woosley - featured imageThe Flooded Oak Hammock by Corey Woosley - featured imageArchive
    The Flooded Oak Hammockby Corey Woosley
  • The Florida Cowboy by Corey Woosley - featured imageThe Florida Cowboy by Corey Woosley - featured imageArchive
    The Florida Cowboyby Corey Woosley
  • The Florida Cattle Driver by Corey Woosley - featured imageThe Florida Cattle Driver by Corey Woosley - featured imageArchive
    The Florida Cattle Driverby Corey Woosley
The Woosley Collection
The Woosley Collection
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