Pacman's Redefined Essentials

The Man Behind the Flatlays

Redefining Essentials

My friends call me Phil, telemarketers call me Phil Cohen (please stop!), and a sizeable swath of the internet calls me @thepacman82. I’m an art director by day, but after I punch out each evening, I tend to another passion of mine, menswear. But I wasn't always into men's style like I am today. Back in 2012, I started posting snapshots of what I wore each day on Instagram as a creative way to showcase and share my personal style journey.

Things have taken off since then—beyond what I could have ever expected. It’s been really cool to discover that so many people are interested in following along. Below I’ve picked out a few of my favorite items. Have a look, and if you like what you see (or don't but hopefully that's not the case), give me a shout!

- Phil Cohen