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Mens - The Utility Collection

Long Wearing, All Purpose

December 2016

We have an affinity for utility at TS and we tend to overbuild all our garments so they seamlessly transition from one task to another. Functionality is in our DNA. The people who use and abuse our gear remind us daily why we make clothes the way we do. Shawn HibmaCronan is a buddy of ours across the Bay and the first person we called to put the Utility Collection to the test. He's a visionary artist, something of a mechanical genius and an all-around great dude whose line of work routinely demands 18-hour days. Tucked away on a pier in Alameda's now-defunct Naval Air Station, Shawn's studio is a swirl of orderly disarray; scrap metal, tools, and in-progress-works.

His life demands he split time between the chaos of workspace and the cool of the gallery, just as we intended for the pieces of this collection. Classic and clean garments, cut from a more durable cloth, they embody utility. A coat rack sits in the corner of Shawn's workshop, draped in other worn and torn pieces of our clothing. We can only assume that these new ones will soon join the ranks of go-to gear.

The Utility Collection
Issue 01 Function Before Form As its name outright says, this jacket is built for the long haul. Warm, water-repellent, durable, and versatile, it’ll get you through most anything, which is good because you won’t want to take it off.