Men's Footwear

Our assortment of footwear on white.
Built to Last


Built to Last


A selection of shoes created to never go out of style. From slip-on sneakers to boots to wingtips, there's something for all occasions.

The Oxford in Whiskey
The Oxfordin Whiskey $298
The Brogue in Espresso Leather
The Broguein Espresso Leather $298
The Trench Boot in Golden Weatherproof Suede
The Trench Bootin Golden Weatherproof Suede $348
The Ranch Boot in Saddle Tan
The Ranch Bootin Saddle Tan$348 $298 Pre-Order
The Chukka in Weatherproof Chocolate Suede
The Chukkain Weatherproof Chocolate Suede $298
The Hiker in Chocolate Weatherproof Suede
The Hikerin Chocolate Weatherproof Suede$298 $239 Last Call
The Aromatic Shoe Tree in Cedar
The Aromatic Shoe Treein Cedar $30
The Shoe Brush in Horsehair
The Shoe Brushin Horsehair $16
Leather shoes on dark background