2017 - Womens - Fall Telegraph Collection

The Devil Is In The Details

July 2017

You don’t need an excuse to dress up. You should just do it. Every occasion is an occasion for a nice shirt or jacket—an opportunity to look better than the rest. Now we’re not saying you should sport a black tie to your next brunch, rather that it feels better to dress with consideration. Of course we’re biased in that we work in the apparel industry (and make the clothes that we want to wear), but the best times tend to happen when you’re in your best. You’ve probably heard it said before, the devil is in the details—and what better complement to the subtle details of a nice outfit than a nice car?

To frame this month’s collection we called up a few of our friends down in Los Angeles and asked if they wanted to join us for a weekend out of the city. We did it somewhat selfishly, because we knew they’d be driving some of the most envy-inducing cars we’ve been around in a very long time. Sure enough, a ‘96 Porsche 911, an ‘87 Porsche 911, a ‘67 Porsche 912, and an oh-so-perfect 1967 Alfa Romeo were our chariots for this weekend escape.

It was a couple of days full of winding roads, joke after joke, and a respectable dose of chances taken. But what could already be considered a world class weekend in a world class location with world class folks was made better, if only just a little bit, by the details found in our latest Telegraph Collection. Go ahead and see for yourself.

The Fall Telegraph Collection”