Freshly thrashed Moto Boots.
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The Quick & Dirty On Our Boots

6 separate layers underfoot and a steel shank provide long term support and protection for your feet. A true cap-toe, goodyear and storm welt construction ensure you can resole these boots and will have them for the rest of your life. Small details like a deerskin tongue, a light natural veg tan lining and a leather heel cup create a boot that immediately forms to your foot.

Perfectly Form Fitting.

Constructed with a true cap-toe and Goodyear Storm welt, these boots are as great-looking as they are hard-wearing.

  1. True Cap Toe Construction Most cap toe boots are just a slight leather overlay at a seam, ours actually have two foll layers of leather for extra protection.
  2. Antique Brass Eyelets 100% brass that grab and create an eyelet that will never rip out.
  3. Deerskin Tongue The supple leather will mold to the top of your foot and grab your laces to keep it in place.
  4. Steerhide Upper Leather that’s not ever gonna break down on you.
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Details Make The Difference

A boot’s only as good as what’s under its hood. So we went with a stainless steel shank in the footbed and a molded leather heel cup, instead of the plastic alternatives.

  1. Cork Footbed No synthetics. Hot molded cork is just one of our base layers that will mold to your foot perfectly.
  2. Leather Insole Extra strong insole that the upper is sewn into.
  3. Natural Veg Tan Topper To soak up the oils in your foot keeping the stink away while maintaining the integrity of the latex footbed.
  4. Stainless Steel Shank Maintains arch support over the life of the boot. Many manufacturers use plastic, which breaks down over time.
  5. Natural Veg Tan Lining Will soak up the oils in your feet and form perfectly around your entire foot.
  6. Custom Latex Footbed The pillow top to our mattress of cork and leather. We’ve never understood why a boot wooldn’t have a little extra cushion.
  7. Leather Heel Cup No plastic inserts here. This helps the boot mold to your foot extremely fast.
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Hallmark Of A Proper Boot

An extended finger loop ensures these boots will slide on without needing hercolean strength. A natural leather stack — a TS signature touch — draws a sharp contrast between sole and boot.

  1. Goodyear Storm Welt Folly resoleable construction ensuring you can keep the perfect boots for the rest of your life. Keeps the elements out of your boots which means dryer feet and a longer boot life. Not to mention they’re just plain handsome.
  2. Vibram Commando Sole The snow tire of the Vibram family. Better traction and weather resistance due to it’s higher profile.
  3. Extended Finger Loop Making your boot easy to haul on.
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The Moto Boot in Whiskey Steerhide
Boots & Shoes The Moto Boot in Whiskey Steerhide $328 View the Moto Boot
Making the boots
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