Friends in Outerwear Third-Generation Owned

The English gentleman would be nothing more than a “miffed bloke” if it weren’t for his excellence’s waxed jacket. Since the early days of Barbour, waxed field jackets have dominated the British fashion scene. Their functionality, durability, and posh sartorial affect have launched them to the top of the country’s elite’s wardrobe. Now, a few thousand miles across the pond and with our knickers in less of a knot, we put our own spin on these classic coats. And while we’re willing, and eager, to deviate from some of the waxed jackets’ uppity legacy, the meticulous construction is not one of those areas.

LS Manufacturing is a 3rd generation family owned and operated textile business that creates garments for those days that are spitty, soupy, or spectacularly soaked. What began as a one room, two employee operation has since grown to a 30,000 square foot facility with over 85 employees. The magnificent personal touch and opulence that cemented LS as a gold standard in the textile industry nearly a decade ago has only become more prominent.

An outerwear piece is run through a sewing machine. A shot of the factory floor, with employees hard at work.