February 10, 2017

Dress Up – Step Out

As the night approaches, anticipation builds. The event, the special occasion, that's been on the calendar all month is here. It's fun to have a reason to don our best and dress up – yes, please!

In the midst of our daily grind and the outsourcing of our responsibilities — Uber, Instacart, TaskRabbit, Munchery — the new normal is to be on the go from sunup to midnight. For us, it's looking forward to an occasion or event that shifts our calendars from daily similarity to excitement. In our experience, you can't simply outsource the feeling of looking your best—why would you? With that in mind, we've set a collective goal here to make more reasons to get out this year: more shows, more dates, more dinner parties, and maybe even a gallery opening or two.

To make the whole thing simpler, our newest Telegraph Collection is full of clothing designed for dressing up. We intend for each look to transition from the workplace to a dinner out with little effort and to create a collection that feeds the anticipation of your next outing. Go for it; call your friends and start making plans. We are.