Our First-Ever Women's Jean

Ladies, meet the Adler, our first-ever women's jean. True to TS form, every inch of the the Adler is all-American-made. Crafted from iconic Cone Mills denim made in North Carolina, the Adler looks and feels phenomenal from the first wear, and only gets better with age. We could go on, but instead, we'll turn things over to our friends who gave this jean its first test run. These five women are everyday rockstars each in their own right - they sell out DIY venues, blaze through the west aboard motorcycles, climb mountains, and know how to make mean espresso. If this jean can keep up with them, we're confident it hang with any lady.

Carly is an overall creative gal and talented designer, with her own beautiful lifestyle blog, FrederickDean. She currently lives in Denver, CO but is LA-born and raised, which lends that unmistakable ambiance of cool and relaxed (with a hint of edge) to her curations. We love her knack for capturing easy West Coast style! Carly also loves to travel and cook (she makes a wicked bowl of heaven).

Anniken lives in Hamar, Norway with her awesome husband Joel (and her adorable bunny, Simba). She owns an impeccably chic shop, Larsen, that doubles as a café. If we could steal one quality from Anniken, it’s her eye for anything that’s beautiful. Though we know her from afar, she’s got a warmth and softness that transcends distance. She’s all heart and positive energy, with killer style to boot!

Allie is a go-getter in a way that makes us wonder how we can sit at a desk for nine hours a day. She and her neato husband Zach recently packed up their lives in Nashville and moved into a van to explore America the Beautiful. We love Allie not only for her hilariously bad jokes, but also for how she both fiercely and gracefully lives each day as it comes, camera always in hand. She’s an adrenaline junkie with a soft spot for yoga (and tacos).

Angie, also known by her stage name Zealyn, is an electropop artist with the voice of a siren. We met her on the West Coast Ghost tour earlier this summer and fell in love instantly. Listen to her newest EP, Limbic System, and you’ll see what we mean. Angie currently lives in LA and is crushing the music game. She’s always bopping around playing gigs, so keep an eye on her site for tour dates. She even been known to pop up at a secret show or two!

Q – How do you like to wear your skinny/slim jeans? Dressed up or down?

Allie – with other TS items ;)

Carly – Skinny jeans are a huge part of my everyday uniform. I normally opt for a more casual look with an element of dress through an accessory, leather jacket, or pair of statement boots. When I find a pair of denim I love, I wear them until they fall off, so towards the end of their life they usually end up naturally looking a bit more dressed down.

Anniken – For every occasion: a night out wearing pumps, but also with an oversized hoodie and vans.

Q – Fit is arguably the most important thing when it comes to jeans. How do you feel when you put these on?

Allie – Really good! I was SHOCKED they fit so well. I'm that person who can never find the "one" as far as jeans go, especially with the first size I try. Being short and having thicker thighs, these are the perfect length and fit.

Carly – Fit is definitely the first thing I analyze in a jean. I’ve always had the hardest time finding jeans to fit my proportions (I think a lot of curvy ladies can attest to this) and it’s a rare occasion to find a pair that hugs in all the right places. No issues getting into the Adler, the cut is perfect and the skinny/straight fit does wonders to the leg.

Q – Where do you see yourself wearing this jean?

Carly – I'd wear this jean all the time - throw them on for brunch or dress them up for date night.

Anniken – To work, out at a club, to parties... Black skinny jeans are my go-to!

Q – You ladies have busy schedules and move around all the time, so your clothing has to keep up. Nobody has time for jeans that sag in the butt. How do these hold up throughout the day?

Allie – Killer! Butt game is on point.

Carly – Most of my jeans have sag issues by the end of the day, but so far so good with this pair. There is a little stretch, but it's barely noticeable.

Anniken – My butt looked just as good at 9AM making coffee at my shop as it did at 9PM, wearing pumps with a drink in hand at a birthday party.

Q – Do you have a denim style icon?

Carly – Britney Spears and JT on the red carpet? Totally kidding. But really, my modern denim icon is Alexa Chung and my vintage denim icon would have to be Bridget Bardot.

Anniken – Any girl in well-fitting jeans is HOT!

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