October 30, 2017

Ode To The Midnight Sun

Starting and ending in Oslo, the goal is simple: squeeze out that last bit of Scandinavian sun before the long, dreary winter. Just their bikes, 700+ miles of serpentine mountain road, and a will to squeeze out the last bit of daylight before winter.

Our friends' first dispatch from fjord country taught us about the two laws of heading north: the further you are from Oslo, the faster you can go; there may be a direct correlation between how good MAX Burger's taste and how far you are from the city. Friends Joel Hyppönen, Samuel Taipale, Aaron Brimhall, and Dallin Joseph Jolley were kind enough to trek to Norway to enjoy the last days of sun, and took some incredible photos along the way.

Rather than bemoan the dwindling daylight, these dudes took it upon themselves to squeeze out every last drop of it, in the form of a 700+ mile, minimalist moto-trip to the northern reaches of fjord country. Armed with just what their bikes could carry, they set out from Oslo with a loose itinerary and high hopes. They returned eight days later having explored some of the country’s most unreal offerings: its highest peaks, its bluest lakes, and some of its steepest makeshift skateboard ramps.

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