January 03, 2017

Merino In Motion

Few fibers are as impressive as Merino. It’s natural, renewable, and biodegradable. It’s highly breathable, naturally odor resistant, and boasts legendary thermoregulation properties, keeping you cool in the heat and warm when it’s cool. We partnered with The Woolmark Company to understand how best to enhance all these great performance attributes into fabric form, and with their help we’ve created a few proprietary fabrics.

Merino 4S for our Commuter Chino and Commuter Shorts is a blend of Merino and Sorona. Sorona is a plant-based fiber that increases softness, tensile strength and enables fabrics to stretch while retaining their shape. Go ahead, move freely and stop crotch blow out.

MerinoPerform™ WP is an innovative woven wool fabric using the latest fiber stretching and fabric compacting technology, creating a wind and water repellent fabric that retains all the other great properties of Merino. Our Commuter Jacket will keep you dry and warm no matter the circumstances while still allowing for great breathability.

Mercerized Merino in in an extra fine 18.5 micron is used for our Tee. The mercerization process strengthens the fibers and makes them even softer to the touch. All the naturally performing goodness with none of the itch.