February 03, 2017

The Designer's Corner — Women's Spring Telegraph

To kick off a series of interviews with the Taylor Stitch product team, we asked lead product designer Nick Kemp a couple of questions about our latest collection and his thoughts on the perfect Jumpsuit.

What makes the Telegraph Jumpsuit different from the normal jumpsuit?

“It’s a classic play on a jumper, constructed in suiting fabric. It’s interesting since you don’t see too many built out of dressier, nicer material; typically it would use a more rustic fabric. It’s a nice juxtaposition between playful/relaxed and dressed up at the same time. This piece definitely has a lot of capabilities for different styling. Either with the belt or without, it can be layered in a variety of ways, you could throw a blazer or jacket over it—you could even dress it down with a denim jacket and some sneakers. The Telegraph Jumpsuit, I think, has a lot of options as far as how women might want to wear it. You can really make it your own. It’s a great foundation; you can style it in a range of different ways.”

It seems like a jumpsuit is rather interesting to create. What was the biggest hurdle you had to overcome?

“Fit. For how we wanted this to function and the silhouette we wanted to achieve, there were a lot of small critiques just trying to get the right proportions, particularly focused on where the top and the bottom are connected. Even though it’s sewn from the same fabric, we played with different proportions to find the one that’s the most flattering. For example, the first sample we received had the top seam too high and everybody that tried it on looked like they had a small torso! After resampling, we balanced it out—once we nailed it, we knew right away.”