October 22, 2013

Weekly Playlist: Ear X-tacy

It’s hard not to get sentimental about music. Ear X-tacy was the record  store I went to after school Tuesdays and Fridays growing up. While some of my favorite tunes have remained the same, many have changed with the ebb and flow of life experiences. These experiences both spawn and celebrate why humans make and listen to music — albums that signify life landmarks better than a journal, bands who feel as familiar as an old friend, songs that quicken your pulse like a first crush. I can’t go back to Ear X-tacy, it has since gone the way of too many great record stores and had to close its doors two years ago, but everything I know about experiencing music developed during those teenage years standing between rows of wooden boxes. Though now I'm scrolling through artificial, digital aisles of sound, the music makes me feel like I'm still right there.