February 10, 2016

Paper to Product: Edition 245

Our Telegraph Suit is one of our most beloved and requested items, so we’ve dedicated the entire month of February to it. We’ve sourced and designed the few but essential pieces that really make a formal warm weather outfit outstanding.
This iteration of the Telegraph Suit showcases great strides in construction, finishes, and details. We sought out Portugal’s most esteemed suit maker, a fourth generation family business, to shepherd this suit to the tailored promised land. If you thought the Telegraph was a helluva deal before, you might be pleased to learn that it’s now being produced alongside $8,000 Loro Piana masterpieces.
The fabric is also incredible. We worked with the same Italian mill to develop a super textured wool and linen chambray with just a touch of stretch for commuting, traveling and obviously, slaying the dance floor. The texture is outstanding – we really had to push the mill in order to move to the level  of Japanese shuttle loomed chambray type texture. 
The end result is a unique, world class suit at an unbeatable price. Wear it as a suit or as separates, but just wear it.