May 03, 2013

Restock: Oxfords and Poplins

We hear the word staple a lot in this industry, but we want to make sure you know the meaning and the importance behind it. What is a staple? It dates back to 1390 when King Edward II required all merchants to trade in a city square he called “The Staple.” The most lucrative and valuable product that was traded and sold was wool. Soon, people began to call wool the “staple” product because it was such an indispensable item and held the trade market together. Thus, a “staple” is an item of such importance that it holds the foundations of its market together. 

With that said, we believe that the Oxford and Poplin button downs are indispensable items that hold the foundations of every man’s wardrobe together. They are not going anywhere, nor should they. We are pleased to announce we will be restocking the Oxford and Poplin button downs.