April 29, 2013

Event: Fair Ends Pop-up Shop

We were excited to be able to make it out to New York this past week for the opening event at the Fair Ends pop-up shop hosted by F.S.C. Barber & Supply in Brooklyn. It was great to see and catch up with old friends as well as make a few new ones. Their warm welcome made us feel right at home.

The place was packed despite the drizzle coming down and we made some great memories. Big thanks to Sixpoint Brewery and Art In The Age for letting us imbibe on their goodness all evening. If there’s something we appreciate as much as clothing it’s good drinks and you guys crushed it. Also, thanks to the fellas from Hector's Pets for adding a bit of good ole fashioned rock 'n roll to the evening. We’ve been jamming out to you guys all day.

New York, as always, you were good to us. Maybe next time we come out we will stay a little longer...