April 23, 2013

How To Mix Up The Telegraph Suit.


The deconstructed suit can be a bit confusing. When do I wear one? How do I wear one? We understand. A suit on its own is a tough proposition. We are here to ease your troubled woes and make it easy on you, fellas.

All you need to do is break it up. You don't need to wear both things at once, or ever for that matter. Don’t feel bad about it, there is no love lost between the blazer and pants.

Our lightweight Italian denim is perfect for any summer occasion. The trousers are easily rolled and paired with some fresh vans and a crispy tee. We personally try and wear socks as little as we can during the summer and these pants give you great reason.

Mix the jacket with some other types and shades of pants. For instance, try a light grey pant and throw a tie on with one shirt button undone before heading to work. It will give you just enough of an edge over the next fella with your cool, calm and collected sensibility.