Paper to Product: Edition 230


Persistence and patience pays off.

Four years ago we were tipped off about a selvage indigo canvas that Cone Mills had developed based on a vintage Japanese apron brought to them by an American denim guru. We had sampled the fabric and were ready to use it. Then Cone stopped making the fabric. Their long time supplier of indigo dyed cotton weft yarns had gone out of business.

The fabric resurfaced in the years following, produced in different iterations that weren't quite the same. Out of the blue, they recently dropped off a sample of what appeared to be the old canvas. It wasn't a notification that they found a few old rolls in their warehouse. Instead, they confirmed that they found a new supplier of yarns and the much heralded indigo selvage canvas was back in action.

We jumped on the opportunity and laid claim to a good portion of their first run. While you may see more of this fabric from us, our first offering comes in our recently updated Utility Shirt. The shirt will feature all of the details that made the inaugural Swift Mills run so strong: triple needle stitching, selvage side gussets, lockstitch aluminum buttons and canted chest pockets.

Lucky for you, the same four years of patience to get your hands on this fabric is not required. This selvage indigo canvas gained its reputation on delivering incredible fades in a short amount of time. Due to a high starch content and heavy saturation of indigo in the yarns, this canvas whiskers in the arms, fades on the elbows and delivers great highs and lows throughout. Keep in mind that all this goodness may take you the better half of a year of heavy wear or even a full rotation around the sun with lighter use. No matter how frequently you take this shirt for a spin, unlike a sports car, its value appreciates with every mile.


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