June 28, 2012

Banana Republic by Taylor Stitch.

Things have been busy lately!

It just dawned on us today that we have not shared any pictures of our Banana Republic shop-in-shop.


Our co-branded outpost in Banana Republic's San Francisco flagship store is now on its 7th week. 

The collaboration bagan with a collection of nine ready-to-wear shirts and a well-outfitted custom shirting station.  

We have to take our hats off to the set design team at BR, and the man who made it all happen, Tom Girard.

The buildout was exceptional and had us all joking that it put our own store to shame. 

We could not have been any more impressed by the design and execution of the idea and we are incredibly proud to be a part of the Banana Republic legacy that  all started right here in Northern California.